Monday, May 26, 2008

What Men Can Do To Stop Rape

  1. Obtain clear, participatory consent for any sexual behavior with another person. Always.
  2. Educate yourself. Attend programs, take classes, and read articles and books about the root causes of sexism and gender violence
  3. Be aware of language. Words are very powerful. Choose to use words that are respectful of women and girls rather than those than that put them down or view them as sexual objects
  4. Speak up! Challenge attitudes and behaviors (such as crude jokes or harassing comments) that degrade women or promote rape
  5. View rape as a men's issue. Although most men are not rapists, most rapists are men. As a man, YOU have the power to confront abusive peers
  6. Don't support, promote, or fund violence against women. Refuse to purchase magazines, rent videos, buy music, or view websites that portray women and children in a sexually manner

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What is Men Standing Up?

Moving to End Sexual Assault's Men's Prevention Education program in Boulder, Colorado is dedicated to raising awareness about rape prevention. Studies show that that men and boys hear a message about ending sexual violence better from other males, making men’s involvement crucial in creating lasting social change.