Friday, November 21, 2008

Victim Blaming those "Drunk Chicks"

So TMZ reported today that the host of "Human Weapon", Jason Chambers, was arrested for an alleged sexual assault.

In a follow up post, they posted a video with the headline "Celeb Rape Suspect Was a Drunk Chick Magnet" The post reads as follows:
By the way the drunk chicks were flocking toward Jason Chambers when we caught him out in Hollywood in October, it's hard to believe the former History Channel host would be arrested for allegedly raping someone only a few weeks later.

But he was -- and he'll be back in court December 5.

Understandably, the charges are pending, and it is America-- innocent until proven guilty. But let's discuss the media coverage, shall we? Is the post sarcastic because it's impossible to believe that "drunk chicks" could be raped? Or because he is a host of a History Channel program? Where is the responsibility here? Not surprisingly, the victim-blaming that exists in the post exacerbates the readers' victim-blaming in the comments.

Is it possible, TMZ, that the "drunk chicks" are particularly vulnerable targets, that some men may take advantage of? Perhaps we should be putting responsibility where it is due.


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